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I’d like to share with you why I “Stand Up To Cancer.”

I have a love-hate relationship with the disease.

It has impacted people I love for almost my entire life.

I first heard that word cancer when I was six years old growing up in southern California.

I didn’t know what it meant — only that it was bad.

My grandmother had pancreatic cancer and ended up dying from it.

My father was a prostate cancer survivor.

My mother is a skin cancer survivor.

My stepmother put up the bravest fight I’ve ever seen.

She battled tongue cancer for seven years and toward the end she looked at me one day and said, “Cancer sucks!”

Yes it does.

Different forms of the disease have taken people I’ve worked with and gone to school with over the years, including the most likely to succeed from my high school.

I hate cancer.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate. Race, religion, sexual orientation, income — it goes after everyone.

There are a lot of ways to stand up to cancer,

I do it by being part of the Relay for Life in the Quad Cities, raising money for things like research and helping patients being treated far from home with a free place to stay.

I love seeing the difference this makes in people’s lives.

I hope you can find it in your heart to give anything you can afford.

We’ve got that link here and on Facebook and Twitter.

The people I’ve come to meet over the years as part of the Relay for Life have instilled in me the hope that love will conquer what I hate.

Please help us do that.

Click here for how to donate.

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