Henry’s Christmas Yard looks to provide hope during pandemic

Local News

Henry’s Christmas Yard is looking a little different these days. Normally the yard, located at 26th avenue in Moline is empty this time of the year, but Scott Hildebrand wanted to do something to provide hope and joy for people during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“We try to make it fun.” Said Hildebrand. “We’re trying to make it a little bit more livelier so that when people walk they can be happy instead of sad about the current situation.”

If you’re out walking your dog, Hildebrand has set up a station with free dog treats to feed your furry friend. He has hundreds of inflatables to choose from, but he chose three snowmen for a specific reason.

“I hope that we have a football season and having those three up, most of the people in the Quad Cities are either Packer fans or Bears fans. And so this way they can either like one inflatable or the other one.”

Two of the snowmen have logo’s for the Bears and Packers. The third inflatable has a logo for the Iowa Hawkeyes. In addition to the snowmen, the yard is filled with hundreds of flags. That is normally the look around Memorial Day, but now the goal is to show that we are all in this together.

“I wanna kind of show unity so I decided to decorate my fence early this year.”

Henry’s Christmas Yard will have more inflatables for their Christmas in July food drive.

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