High temperatures on the way could potentially put runners in danger this weekend.

Medical experts advise runners to hydrate further in advance than previous years because of the heat. Some are even warning those competing to not push it too hard during the race, as conditions might make it near-impossible to set personal best times.

Russ Hart, a longtime running coach and runner, looks forward to running the Bix 7 for the 38th time this weekend. He says because of the heat though, he won’t necessarily be going for a personal best time.

“Don’t plan on it being a PR day,” Hart said. “Just do what you can do and treat it more as a survival race.”

Hart says the best thing runners can do to prep for this year’s Bix is to hydrate, multiple days in advance, and be mindful of what else they’re drinking.

“The main thing is don’t wait until the last minute to hydrate, and by hydrate I don’t mean stuff with alcohol in it,” Hart said. “Plenty of water, consider getting some electrolytes in there as well.”

As always, medical personnel will also be at the races. Chuck Gipson, the Genesis Medic Quality & Education Manager, says if runners feel sick or injured in any way, they shouldn’t wait to go to the medics at the event.

“If you think in any way you need any kind of assistance, certainly seek that out, because we’d much rather take care of you when you know there’s a little something going on than to not let somebody know and then there’s a big problem going on,” Gipson said.

Gipson also says that eating right, along with staying hydrated, is a good way to prep for the heat this weekend.

“Eating decent meals, you know, don’t eat a lot of foods that are going to upset your stomach or be more of a burden on your system than something that’s a little more bland,” Gipson said. “Carbs for energy, proteins for energy and such.”