High unemployment rates, tips for landing next job

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Unemployment rates in the Quad Cities are at an all time high because of the pandemic and many of you may be looking for your next job.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of unemployment rates each month and this July, it was at 9.1 percent. In July 2019, it was at 3.9 percent.

So if you are looking for a place to work at, Angela Striegel, a coordinator for career planning and placement from Black Hawk College recommends finding positions that match best with your skill sets.

If you do land an interview, make sure you research the company beforehand so you can go in to the interview confident.

She recommends dressing appropriately, whether if it’s in person or online. If it’s in person, she said to get there early with plenty of time to prepare for your interview.

“Give yourself a pep talk. I like to encourage people to come up with a mantra, even if it’s something as simple as you go girl or I’ve got this or they want me or they wouldn’t have brought me here for the interview so some sort of a pep talk that you can give yourself and again just allowing and building that time in your schedule to give yourself the chance to take a breath,” she said.

Even if you don’t get one job, she wants people to know that it’s a lot more competition out there right now and there will be more job opportunities.

“For a position where a recruiter may be sorting through 25 interviews back in February, they’re probably doing 200 resumes now for that same position so you have to have that same understanding and realize that there is a lot more competition, there’s a lot more strain on the recruiters and the interviewers in terms of just simple follow up,” Striegel said.

She recommends using job websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn or through Black Hawk College.

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