Higher flood levels makes one local business precautious

Local News

Heavy rains are once again pushing up area rivers, leading to flood warnings.

There is a flood warning for the Mississippi River and the Rock River.

While the water levels will not reach where they were during the historic spring flooding, one local business still prepares for what could happen.

“Before this year, when we hear about the flood levels coming, it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but after what we experienced, you know, not too long ago, it really makes you think what should we do to be proactive,” said Paul Martinez, Barrel House director of operations.

One man who was visiting from Texas was enjoying the view of the Mississippi River in Davenport.

“The Quad Cities kind of is built around the river, isn’t it?,” said Ray Thomson. “People come here to look at the river. It’s just such a famous river.”

A woman who has lived in Bettendorf her whole life is used to dealing with flooding.

She said as a kid, she didn’t realize how big of a problem it caused.

“You see what it does and what it does to businesses and to the streets and the clean up and everything that has to go in to cleaning it up, it, you look at it differently,” said Jenna Stinson.

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