Hilltop Campus Village hits major milestone with local businesses seeing economic growth

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The Hilltop Campus Village in Davenport has hit a major milestone – $100 million of private sector investments.

More businesses and housing in the area came from that investment.

Things started changing when the neighborhood became a Main Street Iowa district in 2009. Steady economic development took hold since then.

“It’s kind of like uh a little small community inside of Davenport,” said Thad Shumaker, owner of Shumaker Guitar Works.

For small business owners, location was everything.

“The location was what it was about and I got in to this building and saw all of the nice little small businesses and stuff that are up here in this area and whatever and I knew I’d be an instant fit,” Shumaker said.

The community surrounding them is another reason they enjoy the area.

“We like our customers a lot, I don’t know how else to say it,” said Tony Fuhs, co-owner of Brewed Book. “We get Saint Ambrose and Palmer and central students, we get local people that live and work in the area and it’s just been very enjoyable to meet all the people that come in here.”

“The people, they’re just, it’s like a second family,” said Alishia Wadden, owner of Aha! Holisticals. They treat everyone as a part of a whole, it’s not just your head guys and just the little people matter.”

Something the director of Hilltop Campus Village has been working to improve.

“We’ve seen more businesses come in, we’ve seen more housing opportunities, there’s a greater awareness of the hilltop and then having things like this milestone that we hit,” said Scott Tunnicliff, director of Hilltop Campus Village.

That’s the $100 million private sector investment mark.

“It’s a big area and there’s a lot of people who don’t see it as they’re driving by, ” Tunnicliff said.

Something he wants to continue improving.

“If people come through, they bother to take a look, they will see that there’s a lot more here that meets the eye and I guess that’s our biggest challenge trying to get people to look at it with new eyes,” Tunnicliff said.

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