Local 4 News is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Today we introduce you to a family who came to the United States in the late ’70s to follow the American Dream.

Adrian Carrillo came to the United State in 1977. He worked in the fields for about 20 years in California before moving to the Quad Cities in 1998 with his wife and their 10 children.

On the corner of West Third Street and Warren Street in Davenport you’ll find Abarrotes Carrillo. It has been serving the Quad Cities since 2009.

“We’re really proud that we have all of the support of our people and everyone who comes,” said Carrillo.

“The ideas I have are really for them and everything I’ve been able to accomplish is because they’ve given me support. I’m really proud and thankful to God.”

Carrillo said coming to American helped him and his family have a better life.