The August recipient of the Galesburg Community Blue-Ribbon Award is 1138 North Cherry Street.

This is the home of Ed and Tammy Weaver. The 7th ward property was nominated and selected by Galesburg on Track and the city’s Community Development Department for its beautiful curb appeal that presents a welcoming image of Galesburg and its historic neighborhoods, a news release says. The award was announced by Council member Larry Cox during Monday’s City Council meeting. The Blue-Ribbon sign will be placed in the front yard and a certificate will be presented to the Weavers at the August 15th council meeting.

The house was built in 1920. The Weavers purchased the property in 2016 and began a labor of love to put their unique stamp on the residence, a news release says. Their grandson has labeled the Craftsman style house with English Tudor influences the “bush with a roof” for its ivy-covered brick walls that cool the house in summer and retain heat in the winter.  

The original brick street remains and is adorned by twin Golden Dawn Redwood trees on the terrace.  A prairie plot of flowers, bushes, and trees provides intentional asymmetry and organized diversity to the landscape, giving the feel of an English Cottage Garden throughout the property.  The Weavers are especially proud of the artsy espalier of apple trees with 2-dimensional branches grown on wires to save space and provide functionality.  The lush, endless mix of perennial and annual plantings set off home-grown structures and vignettes providing family and friends creative options for work and play.  

The city encourages residents to nominate properties through the city website or a Galesburg on Track member. Given that all city wards have been recognized this year, the award will expand to a city-wide focus for the remainder of 2022.