Humility Homes & Services in Davenport is reporting a 20% increase in the number of people they are seeing right now compared to last year. 

Christian Care homeless shelter in Rock Island said their waiting list is filling up.

Jennifer Hill, the community outreach coordinator for Christian Care, said job loss and evictions are a few of the effects of the pandemic contributing to homelessness.  

“I think a lot of those [lost] jobs were people that were probably living paycheck to paycheck anyway. Then when that paycheck didn’t come, the bills are still coming,” she said. 

Hill also said they are handing out more meals, even though their usual community dining room is closed. 

“We’re serving at the door. Our numbers have increased there pretty much. We’re up to almost 100 meals a day,” she said. 

Social distancing within shelters leaves less space for people in need. 

Ashley Velez, the director for Humility Homes and Services in Davenport, says they will rely on local hotels for extra beds and increased safety. 

“We’re following CDC guidelines to keep the 3-6 feet apart, we’ve lowered our capacity at our congregate shelter in order to have that. The hotels are on both the Iowa side and the Illinois side since we serve people on both sides of the river,” Velez said. 

Restrictions are impacting the services they usually provide. 

“This summer with the heat, we were unable to be a cooling station. And this winter, we will be unable to be a heating station,” Hill said. 

Both shelters are accepting donations for gently-used winter items and hygiene products. To learn more visit Christian Care or Humility Homes & Services.