The Lee County Hospital in Dixon is celebrating the release of a COVID-19 patient.

According to the health department, the patient had been staying at the hospital for 16 days and is the third person to successfully be treated and released for COVID-19 by KSB Hospital.

KSB Hospital and the Lee County Unified Executive Leadership Team would like to assure residents that it’s safe to go to the hospital and receive care at this time.

“If a medical situation required an emergency room visit six weeks ago, it still requires an emergency room visit today,” said the Lee County Health Department in a press release. “KSB Emergency Room visits are down significantly for critical issues, and there is concern that people are not seeking medical attention that could result in serious medical conditions.

KSB Hospital has joined forces with Rochelle Community Hospital to assist with on-site COVID-19 testing at Rochelle Foods, which employs over 800 people, 36 of which live in Lee County. The health department says, so far, 30 employees at this facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Lee County Health Department advises anyone who runs a company in Lee County and is in doubt about how to handle exposure to COVID-19 to contact them at 815-284-3371 immediately.

“Every hour counts in containing the spread of the virus,” said the health department.

One more positive case of COVID-19 was announced in Lee County on Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases to 18. The newest case involves a person in his or her 30s.

The Lee County Health Department reports that an additional person has recovered and been lifted off isolation for a total of five of the 18 positive cases so far.

If you think you have COVID-19, the health department strongly advises not going to health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics and urgent care centers without calling first.

Instead, the Lee County Health Department recommends the following options to seek care:

  • Using the KSB Care Anywhere virtual care app for a free five-question screening in order to help differentiate symptoms between the virus and other seasonal maladies. While a credit card is required for a more involved assessment, no charges will be applied if a COVID-19 testing referral is made.
  • KSB is offering a coronavirus hotline by which symptoms can be evaluated against federal screening guidelines and, if appropriate, a referral is made to their drive-thru screening site. The screening site is available only through the hotline and between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays by calling 815-285-7777.
  • Residents with a primary care practitioner can also call their office for advice, but please call first before going to the office.

The Lee County Health Department provides regular updates on its Facebook page.

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