House fire in Moline is under investigation

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A house fire in Moline is under investigation.

Multiple fire department agencies were at the scene of the structure fire near 12th Avenue and 17th Street in Moline.

The call came in about 1 p.m. The estimated fire damage is unknown.

Tricia Murphy said she saw how the fire spread quickly.

“It was spreading really fast, and then I see the flames shooting out the attic, I guess you’d call it… It was spreading fast,” said Murphy.

Brian Vyncke is the Moline Fire Department Captain, and he said that one of their struggles battling the flames was the age of the house.

“With older construction homes, this is a blue frame construction, so it’s going to be that the fire actually runs through the walls; doesn’t have fire stops,” said Captain Vyncke.

The winds didn’t affect the fire from spreading.

“You know, again, if it had gotten much further, it could’ve affected the homes on either side of it; mainly, the home to the west,” said Captain Vyncke.

Murphy said she saw crews working to put out the flames.

“Hear the chain saws; they were cutting into stuff, just trying to get to the source of the fire,” said Murphy.

According to Captain Vyncke, it is believed that only one person lived inside the house.

“They will not be able to occupy the house because all the utilities were shut off, and obviously, there’s probably enough damage; there’s no way she’s getting back in,” said Captain Vyncke.

Tricia Murphy, along with other neighbors, are collecting clothes and personal hygiene products for the victim of the house fire.

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