How gyms in the QCA are preparing over coronavirus concerns

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A lot of gyms are paying attention to the threat with so many members coming and going to work out.

Gym owners say wiping down surfaces is happening more often. With staff even placing signs to encourage members to constantly wash their hands, as well as wipe down machines when they are finished using it.

Nikki Carter, Owner of Orange Theory Fitness says, “We always have been really proactive about germs. We understand that people are constantly touching the equipment and coming in with things from the outside world.”

Carter says her staff is constantly cleaning, and so are the members.

“We’ve actually added another step where we are actually sanitizing the entire studio with a spray in between every class. Each member has a sanitary wipe that they take with them in between stations, or get a new one if it has been used,” she says.

At Top Shape Gym in Moline there are towels and sanitizer for members to wipe down their equipment. The owner says that is every day protocol, but they are using extra precaution by adding more stations and more hand sanitizer.

Amy Rios, Owner of Top Shape says, “We do notice we’re going through a lot more laundry lately, which is great. That means our members are showing initiatives to wipe down equipment. We’re making sure we’re wiping down more than we already do.”

One member says he understands the role that members have as well.

“Any kind of illness you should be wiping down the equipment when you’re done with them, it’s just the normal things we should be doing in general to carry over when we have something reaching the level of a pandemic.,” says Tim, member of Top Shape Gym.

Owners are also saying if their members aren’t feeling well, or if they have a cough take a day off from the gym. That way it will help other members as well as staff stay clear from transferring illnesses.

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