Thanksgiving is in just a few days and cooks across the country are getting ready (if the turkey isn’t in the fridge defrosting yet, it should be moved there today). Eaters are daydreaming about their favorite dishes, but all those yummy foods have a downside – calories. Some people have a “forget it, it’s the holidays” attitude and enjoy themselves while others have to pace themselves to get through multiple meals at relatives’ and friends’ gatherings.

Kuru, a support shoe company, crunched the numbers to find out how many calories are in popular Thanksgiving meals and how many miles are needed to walk off each dish. Here’s how many calories are in one modest Thanksgiving plate and the steps needed to work it off:

4- 4 oz. slices roast turkey               190 calories                   4,259 steps to walk off

(no skin)

1 cup of stuffing                                 355 calories                   7,958 steps to walk off

1 cup mashed potatoes                    238 calories                   5,335 steps to walk off

½ cup turkey gravy                          61 calories                     1,368 steps to walk off

½ cup cranberry sauce                    209 calories                   4,685 steps to walk off

1 cup sweet potato casserole         276 calories                   6,187 steps to walk off

1 cup green bean casserole            143 calories                   3,206 steps to walk off

2 deviled eggs                                   134 calories                   3,004 steps to walk off

1 dinner roll                                        86 calories                    1,928 steps to walk off

1 TB butter                                         102 calories                   2,287 steps to walk off

1 piece of pumpkin pie                     323 calories                   7,241 steps to walk off

2 TB whipped cream                        103 calories                   2,309 steps to walk off

                                                        2,220 calories                49,767 steps to walk off 

There are roughly 2,000 in a mile, so 10,000 steps add up to about five miles. This means a modest plate requires almost 25 miles of walking to burn off, or just short of the Quad Cities Marathon.

For more information, including calorie and step numbers for other Thanksgiving dishes, click here.