How much this year’s student hunger drive raised

Local News

High schools in the area have been collecting food for the River Bend Foodbank over the last six weeks.

“It’s a competition, but everyone’s rooting for everybody,” Mike Miller, River Bend Foodbank President and CEO. “Yes, every bodies trying to do the best that they can, but celebrates when somebody else does well too.”

This year the local high schools raised 568,317 meals.

“This is a unique legacy for our community. It gets high school students an opportunity to do something, you know, to think beyond themselves and to do something for people in need,” Miller said.

It’s all to help the hungry.

“1 in 8 people in our community don’t have enough food and it’s 1 in 6 of their classmates. And that’s what we get the kids thinking about, is that we don’t get them just thinking about here’s a pile of food they’re collecting, but they’re feeding the 1 in 6 of their classmates who don’t have enough food,” Miller said.

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