How smaller caucus sites handle caucus night

Local News

The smallest caucus site in Scott County was at the Donahue Fire Station, but their vote matters just as much as the other locations.

“Now that we are getting more in to a technology age, these people are my neighbors, even though some of them live miles away, but I don’t get a chance to meet them out and about and it’d be really exciting to see their shared opinions and maybe some differences but know that we are all hear for the same reason,” said Eric Levetzow, precinct chair.

And that’s to have their voices heard.

“Iowa’s special, they get here first right off the bat for an election coming up and they get to know the people, what the issues are with the every day man and wife and family,” said Donna Glover, Pete Buttigieg precinct captain.

Sixty-six democrats were registered to vote for this caucus site, but as the night went on, more people registered to vote.

“This is the first time I’ve caucused, it’s kind of a learning experience and I do have some concerns about some of the issues,” said Lynn Synder, caucus attendee.

No matter which candidate people are supporting, the democrats seem to have one goal in mind.

“The bottom line for me is I think we need to make a change in the White House and I’m looking at the national polls and my first and most important priority is picking the candidate that can get Trump out,” Synder said.

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