Scott County issues guidelines on taking care of face coverings

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In today’s QC Covid-19 Press Briefing between the Rock Island Health Department and the Scott County Health Department, guidelines on how to properly use a face covering were advised.

Ed Rivers, Scott County’s Public Health Director, offered the following guidelines on how to properly use a face covering.

  1. Focus on the fit. Coverings should be snug, but still comfortable. They should cover your whole nose and mouth, and extend under your chin.
  2. Put it on carefully. Before putting on and after taking off the covering, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
  3. Don’t touch the covering while wearing it. It is important to understand that the outside of the covering is considered contaminated. Studies have shown that the virus can survive from two to seven days on surfaces such as coverings. Avoid touching or adjusting your covering while in public, and clean your hands immediately if you do have touch it.
  4. Take it off carefully. Be extra careful not to touch the front of your covering or your eyes, nose, or mouth when removing the covering. Be sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after removing the covering.
  5. Wash the covering often. You should launder the covering after each use and when it is visibly soiled. Doing this will kill and remove any virus remaining on the covering.
  6. Maintain social distancing. Wearing a face covering is one additional step we can all take, but it does not replace social distancing. Stay at least six feet away from others, and avoid crowded places. The covering is not a complete protection from the virus.

These guidelines were determined alongside standards from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

You can find guidelines on how to make your own masks here.

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