How you can give Hope Creek residents presents off their wish lists

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Buying presents for a senior citizen in need is what Hope Creek Care Center’s ‘Santa to a Senior’ program is for.

People can purchase items off resident’s wish lists.

“They’ll ask for wine or they’ll ask for some sort of liquor,” said Kenneth Shuman, Director of activities and Volunteer services. “They’ll ask for a special razor, candy or a radio, I mean literally it’s whatever they want.”

The staff asks them what they want for the holidays back in September. The next step is getting ready for all the donations.

“It’s kind of cool to give back to them and let them know that they’re not forgotten and that we remember who they are and they still have a purpose and they still have something to give,” Shuman said.

Arllyn Haynes is one of the residents and she had her first Christmas at the center last year.

“I was absolutely amazed at the people the way they gave the presents, it was just, I was speechless,” Haynes said.

Hope Care is accepting gifts until December 16.

To get a resident’s wish list, you can contact the center at (309_796-6600. You can also go to the Walmart in Moline where there is a Christmas tree with people’s wish lists.

Gifts with different price ranges are on the lists.

Their goal is to have at least two presents for each resident. Hope Care has more than 155 residents.

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