How you can help name a rare white raccoon in the Port Byron community

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One raccoon in the Port Byron community has the neighborhood buzzing, and when you see it, you’ll know why this critter is stealing the show.

It’s not uncommon to see raccoons rummaging around in backyards, but one in particular stands out from all the rest.

“They’re pretty rare as far as the white goes; as you can see, he is white. They say there is like 1 in 175,000,” says Pat Denzer, of Pat’s Bandits Rescue and Rehab in Port Byron.

Denzer has had the raccoon for three weeks. She says, although the back story of finding him is sad, she’s happy he is okay.

“He and his littermates were brought to me. The mother, unfortunately, was killed in a road accident, and they heard the family in the ceiling. He was taken out and thankfully was found and brought to me,” says Denzer.

Brought to her at the right time. When the world needs a little joy.

Denzer says, “It’s going to be hard to keep people away, which is the one thing we have to do with him. People have just been awesome. I’ve got phone calls with people wanting to congratulate me.”

She says it is believed that the appearance of a white raccoon is linked to world events that call for global peace and unity.

“It is a time for unity and peace. It’s time that everyone works together, and work through this and be one. He is an awesome example of how people work together to make things happen,” says Denzer.

White raccoons cannot be released to the wild because of their bright color that gives them away to predators.

Denzer says she is working to find him a forever home.

She is also allowing her followers on Facebook to help name it.

If you want to be a part of that, here is a link to the Facebook page.

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