How you can support local businesses by playing virtual bingo

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Local businesses are trying to find ways to survive during the pandemic.

The crisis prompted the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce to play a game that encourages shopping local. It’s offering virtual bingo.

You get a playing card from the Chamber’s website, then check off a square after supporting a local business. You then share it on social media by using the #QCLocalChallenge

“When you support a local business, you get to check off a square on your bingo card and when you earn a bingo, then you can enter it for a chance to win some great prizes,” said Whitney Smith with the Quad Cities Chamber.

All different types of businesses are on the board, such as dining delivery, retail therapy and entertainment.

“I’m just really excited for this bingo opportunity,” said Anne Stopulos, owner of Theo & Co. in Davenport. “I think it was a really smart way to help the community get involved and help give back to people other than restaurants and doing those to go orders because we’re seeing a pretty big hit in the retail business and unfortunately we don’t have the ability to be doing food orders every day, but everything helps so I hope this bingo can really give back to the local businesses that need it.”

And lots of local businesses do.

“I wasn’t sure that this store was going to be able to make it through this thing but you know honestly if I do, I do, if not you know it’s something that’s completely out of my control,” said Mary Talbert, owner of Crafted QC.

“It hurts,” Stopulos said. “Yeah we do have online sales and yeah we do some consults and things like that but definitely not enough to really keep us going if this continues for another couple months.”

Players can get more than one bingo and enter the drawing for each one. Winners will be announced May 1.

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