New inflation numbers came out Tuesday and they indicate what you likely already knew: Almost everything is more expensive.

The Consumer Price Index puts inflation at six percent compared to last year. That is a slight improvement from January.

Local 4 News took a closer look at the difference by doing some grocery shopping.

We made a list of 15 things commonly on most family’s shopping lists.

Everything except lettuce and bacon are much more expensive than a year ago, according to new Federal Reserve data.

Eggs are way up and butter is more than a dollar higher.

Here’s a four- way comparison. The Federal Reserve total for those 15 items in Feburary 2022 was $51.93.

In Febuary 2023, they have it at $59.09.

Our look Tuesday at Hy-Vee was $56.04 and $43.44 at Walmart.

Our online shopping didn’t factor in smart shopping — looking for sales or discount cards — but we wanted to show you the real effect inflation has on your grocery budget.