As of June 1, The Humane Society of Scott County (HSSC) will no longer label dogs based on the breeds the dogs resemble.

The HSSC is removing breed labels to be better able to match families with adoptable dogs, a news release says.

“There are as many breed typecasts as there are breeds. Sometimes they’re accurate, but more often they’re not. We don’t want families to skip the dog that could be just the right fit or choose the dog that could be all wrong because a piece of paper identified the dog as a particular breed.”

“When someone comes in to adopt a dog, we want them to see the dog standing in front of them, not the dog they think they will get based on the breeds listed on an information sheet,” said Erika Gunn, director of programs at the HSSC.

The HSSC would much rather an adopter spend time with the dog they’re interested in and have staff discuss what they seek and make recommendations based on how the dog has acted while in the HSSC’s care, the release says.

“Most of our dogs are likely mixed breeds, and visual identification of mixed breed dogs is highly inaccurate. We cannot accurately predict the future behavior of a dog based on how it looks on the outside,” said Celina Rippel, development coordinator at the HSSC.

To learn more about why the Humane Society of Scott County is going breed-free, click here.

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