The Humane Society of Scott County is reaching crisis capacity again.

It has responded by creating a program that managers hope will get more animals into homes. ‘Foster to Adopt‘ is intended to help dogs find permanent homes.

Development coordinator Celina Rippel said the shelter has the capacity to take care of 71 dogs, and right now they have 81 living at the shelter.

“So the idea is, people can come in this week and next week and find animals that they’re interested in. if they were ready to adopt,” she said. “And instead of filling out the adoption application, they would fill out a foster application. It’s our idea to get dogs out of here quicker.

“It’s kind of nice, because then you get to know the dog a little bit better before adopting them, just getting to spend even that couple days or a week with them before you make the decision,” Rippel said, noting fostering a dog would be up to a week maximum.

When people decide to foster and adopt a dog, they’ll pay a small fee and will also receive all of the necessary services to help with the transition. The foster fee would be much lower than adoption.

“They would have access to our foster coordinator, as well as our behavior specialist, to answer any questions that they would have and see if the animals are going to be a good fit for them,” said Rippel.