Humility Homes and Services says there’s a heightened demand right now for food and shelter

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Humility Homes and Services says there’s a heightened demand right now for food and shelter.

The organization has been helping families in the Quad Cities for more than 30 years .

Thomas Tools once benefitted from Humility Homes and Services and know what people in need are going through during this time.

“It makes me sad you know like I said I’ve been out there, I’ve been out there I know how it is,” said Tools.

Since March, the start of the pandemic he has seen things get worse.

“You go along the river, they’re camping out in the parks you’ll see them camping out you know hanging out more often then you normally see,” said Tools.

Ashley Velez is the executive director and says they are doing their part to help those in need.

“The needs are getting greater in the community especially with the pandemic,” said Velez. “As Humility Homes and Services in any given night all of our programing we’re serving over 300 Quad Citizens.”

The shelter is not alone.

Yolanda Jefferson owns a Davenport catering company and she’s been giving out free hot meals to those in need.

“More things still kinda not on a level as far as the pandemic goes then it’s starting to increase steadly,” said Jefferson.

Yolanda grew up in the Quad Cities and says she loves helping out those in need.

“I’m grateful that I’m blessed to be able to have this gift to be able to serve people and feed them but then it’s also kinda that wow you know there’s really that big of a need in the Quad Cities,” said Jefferson.

Humility Homes and Services has helped thousands of people and families during their 30 years.

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