Hundreds participate in the Wilton Fire Department fundraiser

Local News

The Wilton Fire Department is made up of all volunteers, to raise money for the department families were able to ride on a steam engine train.

Jess Hanna and his family had a great time going on the ride.

“It was pretty cool going through all the towns, going through the fields, watching all the people,” said Hanna.

Mark Lowry’s sister bought 7 tickets when she heard about the event.

“Kinda excited I mean riding on a steam train is pretty cool I just wish I could be up there front in the engine there,” said Lowry.

Susan Manning’s son is part of the fire department and wanted to support him.

“Our whole family has gotten tickets daughter in law, son in law everybody is riding the train,” said Manning.

Ray Sterner is the fire chief and said the money raised will help the department.

“We had 1400 tickets and we sold out so that was good, we have to donate part of the money back to them to help pay for the coal and stuff like that but everything else is completely ours,” said Sterner.

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