A proposal from the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce to convert 3rd and 4th Streets in downtown Davenport to two-way traffic isn’t making everyone happy.

A petition to keep them the same started circulating Wednesday.

Organizer Bruce Goacher and his family – owners of Sweet Delite on 4th Street, west of Downtown Davenport – said they have already collected several hundred signatures from people who want them to stay one-way streets.

“I put something on my Facebook about the one-ways and I was questioning what people thought of it. I got like 300-and-something responses and not one was for changing the one-way to a two-way,” he said.

They think changing the roads will make traffic worse and that the final decision should be left up to the public.

“It’s a very heavily traveled way to get to where you’re going. I think that’ll all stop if it becomes two-way,” said Goacher, who has Goacher Towing of Davenport. “They’ll mostly be using Locust Street and River Drive, which would be more congested then. The citizens should be the ones that make the final say so.”

But the two-way traffic idea is supported by some other business leaders, according to Kyle Carter, head of the Downtown Davenport Partnership, who says it will speed up access to some businesses.

“There’s strong evidence in all the other communities that have done this, that it’s beneficial to small business and retail and helps get visibility and people through the door,” he said. “It’s a better walking environment for the pedestrians and there’s even some flood mitigation benefits with this project as well.”