Hundreds still without power: Homeowner shares the mess she’s left to clean

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MOLINE, Illinois- MidAmerican Energy indicated late this afternoon crews needed to restore power for about a thousand customers.
About 21,000 lost power last night. The energy company says most of the damage was done in Illinois.

“As the wind came up, it fell and it went down on the garage, ” says Moline resident Nadine Young has been out of power since last nights storm.
The tree thats now spread on her lawn took down the powerlines as it came crashing down. The clean up is going to come at a cost.
“I’m sure that will be quite expensive,” says Young.

The expense includes the clean up of the leaves, cutting down the tree, and reconnecting her electricity.
She says she won’t have power for a long time. “Very overwhelmed and very little sleep because they were here with chainsaws, MidAmerican and the city, between one and two o’clock in the morning.”

“We had crews that were working since six pm yesterday and they worked all night. Some of them are still working. We sent some of them home so they can sleep so they can come in fresh,” says Clint Cox, supervisor of MidAmerican.
Cox says the biggest problem yesterday was the high winds,which knocked down many trees– taking powerlines down with them. With so many out of power, extra help came their way. “Upward of eight different companies, contractor crews that came out to help us out.”

So with so much help, why are hundred still out of power? Cox says its because crews are tackling the issue safely.

“If we check out that main line where that limb is landing on the three phase, it’d be easy to knock that thing off and energize power,” he adds, ” but without going downstream to make sure everything else is safe downstream, we could energize into a problem.” He’s advising others to stay clear of down power lines and trees to avoid deadly consequences.

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