Hy-Vee has announced the launch of a new nationwide subsidiary, RedBox Rx. The program will provide low-cost telehealth and online pharmacy services and ship prescribed treatments directly to patients’ homes throughout the United States.

RedBox Rx will offer quick, easy and discreet access to a provider who can prescribe prescription medication, which will be shipped for free directly to the patient. The service bypasses insurance and offers treatment plans for men’s health, women’s health, hair and skin, mental health, migraine headaches, primary care and more.

Hy-Vee announced launch of new nationwide subsidiary, RedBox Rx, to provide low-cost telehealth and online pharmacy services, and ship prescribed treatments directly to patients’ homes.

“At Hy-Vee, we pride ourselves on being experts in health and wellness and it’s a major component of what we do every day – whether it be in our retail pharmacies or through our dietetic services,” Randy Edeker, Hy-Vee’s chairman and CEO, said. “In today’s world, we know that more people are looking for quick, convenient and personalized health care options that can be shipped directly to their homes, and RedBox Rx does exactly that.”

Telehealth consultation fees run up to $39, depending on the type of treatment. RedBox Rx does not accept insurance, but patients may use their HSA or FSA card to pay for the telehealth visit or prescription costs. RedBox Rx is an alternative health care option for the covered conditions that employers can share with their employees at no cost to the employer.

For a list of conditions that RedBox Rx treats, or for more information about the program, click here. RedBox Rx is available to patients ages 18 and older nationwide.