The bike and pedestrian path on the I-74 bridge will be partially closed on Tuesday, Nov. 8 beginning at approximately 6 a.m.

Contractors will be replacing one of the sensors that is part of the Structural Health Monitoring System, according to a release from the Iowa and Illinois departments of transportation. Sensors are installed on the bike and pedestrian path – as well as the bridge and arches – to monitor stresses, vibrations, corrosion, temperature, and other factors, allowing Iowa DOT to determine when and where maintenance is needed, the release said.

Recent inspections showed one of the sensors on the path was not working properly and needs
to be replaced.

The I-74 bridge bike and pedestrian path will be partially closed on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

In order to minimize disruption, the sensor work will be contained to a portion of the
platform, with the path remaining open to the public. Specifically, a five-foot walkway will
remain clear and available at all times, the release said. A construction vehicle with a flashing amber light will be parked on the path during the replacement of the sensor which is anticipated to take several hours.

“The new bridge was built using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the structure remains
in good shape for years to come,” said George Ryan, I-74 Corridor Manager. “Sensors installed in the bridge deck, arch, and the path transmit data to Iowa DOT so they can monitor the bridge’s performance and address maintenance needs that may not be identified as early without the monitors.

“Early identification and resolution of maintenance issues will prolong the life of the bridge. We
appreciate the public’s patience as we complete this work,” he said.

The sensor replacement is anticipated to be completed within a day. The public is
encouraged to follow for updates HERE or on Facebook and Twitter @I74RiverBridge.