‘I fully intend to win this election,’ Kamala Harris outlines presidential promises to QC voters

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Hundreds showed up to Senator's Davenport rally

Senator Kamala Harris spent her day speaking around the Greater Quad Cities Area today.

One stop came in Davenport this evening.

The candidate started her day hosting a roundtable at a Burlington church.

She ended her five-day bus tour across Iowa in Davenport.

Some Iowans say they already back the senator from California and say today’s more personal interaction only reinforced their support.

Some undecideds say they learned more about the candidate than they have from the debates, like her proposals for taxes, teacher pay and healthcare.

Hundreds came out to hear Harris’ pitch for president in Davenport.

“I fully intend to win this election,” she said as the crowd cheered.

Harris promised relief for families who make less than $100,000 a year with a tax credit of up to $6,000 a year and $500 dollars a month.

Something she’d pay for by taxing the wealthy.

“Did I hear that right? I thought that sounded good,” says Iowan Roberta Rosheim.

The candidate also proposes a federal investment to close the teacher pay gap.

“Here in Iowa, that gap is $12,200 a year. In many places, that’s a year’s worth of mortgage payments; that’s a year’s worth of grocery bills; that means putting a significant dent in student loan debt,” Harris says.

That struck a chord with Melissa Pepper.

“I’m married to a teacher, so I’m obviously very inspired by what she had to say about teachers because I live with one and it’s very important,” says Pepper, who lives in Davenport.

Harris spent her morning in Burlington focused on healthcare.

“I’m wondering what you would do as president to keep that from happening and keep our union-negotiated healthcare from going away,” asked one attendee.

“Under my plan, healthcare is not connected to your employer,” Harris explained.

However, her roundtable talk still left some wanting more.

“I was interested in her plan for medicare for all– or medicaid for all and I’m thinking, there’s a lot of details to it that I think will take a lot of time to work out,” says Amy Camp, who lives in Burlington.

Despite being 175 days away from the caucuses, Harris is shoring up some support.

“Kamala has been my number one choice and I haven’t had a chance to hear her in person and today just solidified that she is,” says Ben Kantner, who lives in Blue Grass.

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Most of the democratic presidential candidates have already stopped in the Quad Cities.

As of right now, no one else is scheduled here for the rest of the week.

The closest will be Pete Buttigieg and John Delaney.

Both will stop in Muscatine and Burlington on Wednesday.

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