‘I hate taking them over there’: Colona neighbors complain about park conditions

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Safety, and upkeep of a local park are the concerns on neighbors minds in the Colona community.

It’s a problem they say needs to be taken care of. That seemed to happen as we started asking questions.

It started when several of you raised concerns about the Ty Massey diamond park in Colona on Facebook.

Complaints about the playground filled with prickly sandburs and trash left behind by teenagers.

Alexandria Esslinger is a mother of two. She says on a beautiful day like today, it’s nice to get outside to play with her kids.

Instead of playing at the Ty Massey Park right next door to her house she prefers having playtime in her front yard.

That’s because of safety concerns she has at the park like sand burrs that get in the way of her kids having fun

“We literally live right next door to it, and I hate taking them over there. They constantly go over there and say ouch it hurts,” says Esslinger.

Esslinger says cleanliness is also a concern. She says when teens head over to the park to play basketball trash is often left behind.

“Well they leave their trash everywhere. It’s like it’s ample trash cans. It’s like 1-2 over by the pavilion, a couple by the playing area, but yet they just leave it laying around, “say Esslinger.

She’s not alone. On Colona’s neighbors Facebook page several other families voiced their concerns over the upkeep of the park.

While Local 4 was there, we we saw public work crews out cleaning the park.

Esslinger says, “The most I see them do is mow it, and weed eat it. This is the most I seen them out here in a week or two.”

We also reached out to Public Works-, and Colona’s Mayor Rick Lack.

He sent a statement saying , “The city was made aware of the problem late last week, and crews are now working on the issue.”

Esslinger says she’s hoping the issue can be resolved sooner or later. As kids were cooped up for months during the pandemic. She says it’ll be nice to return to a park where they can have fun and be safe.

“It’s nice and convenient. You know when it’s other kids there it’s nice for the socialization for my kids rather than playing at home in the yard,” says Esslinger.

Neighbors in the Colona Facebook group are in talks of trying to come together to create a community clean-up. That’s so parents can help keep the park clean for their kids.

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