Now we know the name of the man shot and killed by police at a Rock Island convenience store.

He’s 25-year-old DeShawn Tatum of Rock Island. Rock Island County Coroner Brian Gustafson says he was shot in the head and chest.

Local 4 News was first on the scene after it happened. Rock Island police say it started when officers spotted Tatum at a cemetery on 12th Street and 31st Avenue.

They say he was wanted for another crime and that he had a gun, then took off running when officers tried to stop him.

Investigators say he wound up at a gas station/convenience store known as the Chicken Shack on 11th Street.

Police say he tried to steal a car from a woman there, then tried to drive away, and dragged officers as they tried to get him out of the car. Police say the car hit the building and that’s when officers shot Tatum.

Our crew at the scene saw a car windshield with several bullet holes.

Tatum and three officers went to the hospital, where Tatum died, authorities say. The officers were treated and released.

Tye Gordon, who hasn’t even lived in the area for a year, heard the chaos and looked out his bedroom window.

“I just heard a bunch of banging,” he said. “At first I didn’t recognize the sound of gunshots, but once I looked out my window I saw everybody running around and so many police cars.”

“So we got down for a second and I started looking out the windows and people were just kind of running around screaming,” Gordon said. “People were over here at the graveyard and they were running back and forth kind of.”

“This whole block was shut down,” he said. “There was caution tape. I wasn’t allowed to leave. My friend was at work and I had to go pick her up. She ended up having to find a different ride because I couldn’t get out.”

“The whole block over here was just swimming with police cars.”

Police shot and killed 25-year-old DeShawn Tatum at a gas station in Rock Island. Police say Tatum hijacked a car from someone and tried to drive off, dragging officers.

The car then backed into the gas station and that’s when police opened fire. The coroner report reveals Tatum was hit in the head and the neck.

Gordon says the scene around the gas station was chaotic, and expanded all the way to the neighborhood behind it.

“I was pretty taken aback. I have never heard gunshots before,” Gordon said. “Usually when I think I hear gunshots it’s just fireworks and I’m like ‘Oh, it’s no big deal,’ and I’m like so close to them I didn’t know if they were shooting just aimlessly.”

“I didn’t know where they were shooting.”