‘I hope we find the truth soon, because nobody needs this pain’ Family of Trudy Appleby speaks out after new lead is found in the missing case

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It hasn’t been easy for Trudy Appleby’s family, no answers for all these years.

Local 4 News spoke with Ray Eddleman, Trudy’s uncle Wednesday.

He says he’s grateful for the new lead in the case, and hopes it brings answers for the family.

“The first months turn into years, and I don’t think you ever learn to cope with it,” says Eddleman.

Although over the years it’s been tough for the family, it does give Eddleman some hope that police have found a lead in the case. Especially after so many years have passed.

“This is the certificate of a birth of a young girl. My family lost a lot of people. But for every last one of those people who are deceased we have a death certificate,” says Eddleman. “David Wipple and Jamie Fisher are standing in the way of my family having a death certificate for Trudy. That’s all we want. I don’t care what happens to you, or the law, but we just want Trudy back. You two guys are standing in the way, and Ed Smith was too. If you’re going to take it to your grave like he did. You’re a coward like he was.”

Eddleman is hoping the family can get that closure sooner rather than later.

“I hope we find the truth soon, because nobody needs this pain,” says Eddleman

August 21st will be the 24th anniversary of Trudy’s disappearance.

Every year the family holds a vigil.

This year, it’s being held at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Moline, beginning at 6:00

Anyone is invited to attend.

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