Outside a house at 14164 113th Ave., Davenport, you still can see what many neighbors have described as an “eyesore” and a “health hazard.” It’s a pile of roughly 2,500 waste tires, stacked up as high as the roof of the house.

Local 4 News first reported on this story two months ago when Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources said it was working on the situation. According to DNR documents and the property’s owner, two men named Tim Peters and David Mercado rent the house and leave the waste tires there.

In January, the DNR sent administrative orders to Peters and Mercado, fining them $10,000 each and telling them they had 60 days to remove the tires or else further legal action would be taken.

Now, more than 130 days after the DNR sent the administrative orders, the tires still haven’t been removed, and the fines still haven’t been paid.

On Tuesday morning, that prompted the DNR’s Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) to take the next step, as they voted to send this case to Iowa Attorney General’s office.

Local 4 News reached out to the attorney general’s office for comment. A spokesperson said that, while the office can’t comment too much on the situation yet, further legal action against Peters and Mercado is possible.

For some people living near the pile of tires, hearing that the attorney general is getting involved comes as welcome news, because they say the tires have caused problems for more than a year.

“I just want to see all the tires out of here,” said one neighbor. “I’m not a real big fan of them (Mercado and Peters), but I just want the tires gone.”

One major problem neighbors say the tires are causing right now is an increased mosquito population in the neighborhood. The old tires have become a primary breeding ground for mosquitoes during the warmer months.

“Previous months haven’t been so bad. But since the tires have been here, the mosquitoes, the bugs, have been horrible,” one neighbor said. “We were outside having a fire the other night and I got eaten alive by mosquitoes.”

Local 4 News and www.ourquadcities.com will continue to follow this story.