A new voice speaks up in the missing person case of 11-year-old Breasia Terrell – not from Breasia’s family, this time.

This is from the sister of the man considered a “person of interest” in the case: 48-year-old Henry Dinkins. He’s in the Clinton County Jail, being held for Scott County, on an unrelated charge of failure to register as a sex offender.

Police arrested him soon after Breasia was reported missing. That’s almost seven months ago on July 10 of last year.

Detectives say Breasia was last seen at Dinkins’ apartment in Davenport. Officers tracked hundreds of leads, but nothing that leads to Breasia.

Dinkins’ sister, Neda McQuay, says the allegations against her brother make life difficult for her family.

“I know Henry did not do it. I feel my brother is paying for somebody else’s crime,” she told Local 4 News.

Breasia Terrell went missing last July – that’s how long Henry Dinkins has been in jail – facing charges unrelated to her disapperance.

While police continue to investigate leads, it’s a waiting game for Breasia’s family. But Dinkins’ family says it’s also a difficult time for them.

Neda McQuay says they’re standing by her brother as they face criticism from the community.

“We’re still standing. We’re standing from the beginning and we’re going to stand at the end,” she said. “We feel betrayed. We just feel like justice hasn’t been served.”

McQuay says Henry and Breasia enjoyed spending time together, and that Henry loved the girl like a daughter and would never hurt her.

“We knew that Henry wouldn’t do that,” she said. “He loved Breasia. He treated Breasia like she was his own and the family knew that.”

McQuay never met Breasia, but every time she would speak to Dinkins he would always bring up Breasia.

“Whenever he would talk about her he would say, ‘I gotta go get my baby. Gotta have my babies.’ And it’s not just Breasia. Henry loved kids. Breasia looked up to him as well as (her brother). They loved him dearly.”

Since Breasia went missing, Dinkins has been adamant with his family: “He just kept telling me ‘I had nothing to do with it.'”

The Quad-Cities community is hurting. And the one question that needs to be answered remains: Where is Breasia Terrell?