‘I never thought it’d happen here’: WIU students react to campus shooting

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Almost 1,000 of the nearly 10,000 students that attend Western Illinois University live in Thompson Hall, which is the spot where a shooting happened Tuesday night around 10:30 that sent one student to the hospital.

“I never thought it’d happen here where we live,” said Zack Forester, a junior at WIU.

Students say it was a scary scene when they had to evacuate Thompson Hall because of a smoke alarm.

“As soon as I come out, there’s a group of three people, two males and one female and the female just she could barely even stand and I asked the male, I was like what’s going on and he said there was a shooting outside my room,” said Logan Speaks, a senior at WIU.

Now, these students want to see change.

“It’s easy to get really anything into this building without anybody knowing so whether it be metal detectors, security. I’d hope that there’s going to be security in at least our building for the next week,” Forester said.

Counseling and support services are available to students, faculty and staff. They can call 309-298-2453.

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