Two drivers tell us what it was like when the roof of a Davenport car wash came crashing down on their vehicles.

Local 4 News was the only station at the scene right after the crash at the Rabbit Wax Car Wash on Rockingham Road about 3 p.m. Saturday.

We obtained the surveillance video of the roof caving in on the vehicles. Our crew could see there was a lot of snow on the roof at the time it feel down.

Two people escaped safely. But two cars had their front hoods damaged.

“It fell on me,” said Theresa Moon.

As the weather warmed up on Saturday, residents came out to get their cars washed. But a couple of Quad-Citians were in for an unexpected turn of events while they were waiting in line when they heard a loud noise.

“I was waiting for the car in front of me to be done and I just backed up a little bit to put my money in,” Ranae Frenner said. “I was just kind of sitting there listening to a podcast and the roof came down and smashed my car.”

“I heard it, but I couldn’t see anything because it was dark all of a sudden.”

“I was sitting in my van waiting for my turn to get in the car wash and all of a sudden I heard a bunch of crunching,” said Moon. “I looked to my left and I saw the roof coming down.”   

On the surveillance video Local 4 News obtained, you can see a heavy snow pack as the roof comes down.

Once it collapsed, it was time for Moon to find a way to get out of her car.

“Some guy tried to help me out,” she said. “I tried to go out that side. Of course, my fat butt wouldn’t fit, so I had to crawl over the console, and he pulled me out the other side.” 

It was a terrifying moment for both car owners.

“It was pretty crazy. I thought I was going to die,” Moon said. “I really did. I mean I heard all this crunching and all I could think of was the earthquake movies, you know, where all the cars are smashed.”   

Everyone is grateful for one thing.

“Thankfully, nobody was hurt or killed,” Moon said. “Cars can be replaced, but we can’t.”