‘I was just shaking, I was so mad about it’: TikTok video created by Assumption High School students mimics the death of George Floyd

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A video posted on social media involving students from Assumption High School in Davenport stirs up a racial controversy.

The TikTok post shows a boy kneeling on another boy’s neck apparently to mimic the death of George Floyd.

Some parents and students are outraged and want the school to take strong action.

“I was just shaking I was so mad about it,” says Tianna Williams, who reposted the now viral video.

That post being shared on Facebook more than 400 times.

Williams says she knew the students who were involved in the controversial video.

“I feel disappointed even though I’m not close to them. I know a lot of people who used to call them their friends are ashamed,” says Williams.

Local 4 News received a message from one of our viewers saying the students involved were in study hall when the incident happened.

One of them posting on social media apologizing for the video. Saying in part “We meant absolutely no shade.”

Willams says, “It really just sounded dumb , and it seems they were doing it just because they had to, not because they were actually sorry.”

Parents were notified from the school via email regarding the situation

It’s unclear if the students have received punishment but posts online allude to the fact the students’ punishment is Saturday detention.

That has Williams left thinking it isn’t enough.

“I think they should be expelled actually. They need to know that it is wrong because if they don’t realize that it will happen again,” says Willams.

Local 4 News also obtained the e-mail the school sent to parents.

The school addressed the situation saying it’s working with Davenport Police and will follow the department’s guidance.

The school says it has a team of people who monitor social media activity.

Administrators also posted on the school’s Facebook page.

One of the students has sent an apology on social media saying “We weren’t thinking when we posted that video. We meant nothing to anybody. I am sincerely sorry, and we won’t do anything close to that again.”

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