‘I woke up this morning and my car was gone.’ Police find guns, suspects after pursuit

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A Friday-afternoon police chase of a stolen car ended with a totaled car, two guns seized and juveniles in custody.

Local 4 News was first on the scene on the 4300 block of Telegraph Road, where the case ended once the car crashed. Everyone in it bolted, but police caught them all.

“I woke up this morning and my car was gone,” said Lolita Payne. davenport police had searched for her car after it was stolen from her home Friday morning. Police say the thieves then were involved in a high-speed police pursuit across Davenport.

“The detective called me and said ‘We are on Telegraph Road.’ So I’m just driving,” Payne said. “I’m not from Iowa so I didn’t know it was this far. I just kept driving and I saw all the cars and then I saw my car hooked up to the tree.”

Iowa State Patrol and the Scott County Sheriff’s Office helped n the pursuit. Payne didn’t have any idea about the condition of her Kia until she showed up at the scene.

“I just thought the kids were going to get out and run and I was just gonna take my car home,” she said. “I can’t take that home.”

Police found multiple guns inside the car, and they caught all the suspects.

“It’s terrifying to see all the guns that they found in the car and how the car is flipped on the tree. That’s terrible,” she said.

The car was a new one for Payne, who hadn’t driven it very much.

“I just got it probably a month and a half ago – a 2021 Kia K5 GT Line. It was fast,” Payne said.

“Now it looks a little slow, but I’ll get a new one.”

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