Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed an assault weapons ban earlier this week. The new law does allow anyone who already owned assault weapons to keep them, as long as they register the weapons with state police.

“I’m signing this legislation tonight so that it can take immediate effect, and we can end the sale of these weapons of war as soon as possible,” Gov. Pritzker said.

There are some Illinois sheriffs who have already gone on record saying that they will not enforce the new law.

“There are of course people who are trying to politically grandstand who want to make a name for themselves by claiming that they will not comply,” Pritzker said.

Richard Rogers, a board member with Iowa Firearms Coalition, believes the Illinois ban will face legal challenges ahead.

“I think that large portions of this legislation are clearly unconstitutional under the Second Amendment of the federal constitution, if not under Illinois’ own constitution,” Rogers says. “A law, or purported law. legislation, that is against the constitution. Is no law at all.”

Rogers supported Iowa’s recently passed state constitutional amendment, protecting the right to bear firearms. He now wonders if Illinois gun supporters will look at Iowa’s gun friendlier environment as a new landing spot to do business.

“We would urge the state to welcome them. I don’t think that dealers across the state will be in a position to move to Iowa. Maybe dealers that are close to the river. Maybe ones on the other side might move to Indiana,” Rogers says. “But, I do think there will be an exodus. Both from the business and maybe from the state.”

Eyes on both sides of this issue will be watching closely in the coming months to see what legal challenges arise in Illinois.