Unofficially, the turnout for the November 2022 general election was the second highest in state history for a midterm election. Over 1,220,000 Iowans exercised their right to vote. The record turnout for an Iowa midterm election was 1,329,930, set during the 2018 midterms.

(Nexstar DC photo)

“My thanks to Iowans from every corner of the state who made their voices heard by voting,” Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate said. “I also want to thank the poll workers and county election officials across Iowa for their hard work and dedication. However, our work is not finished.”

Each of Iowa’s 99 counties will now conduct post-election audits in randomly selected precincts to ensure the integrity of the vote. Secretary Pate ordering a second race to undergo hand count audits in every county. The audits will ensure the numbers match the totals reported by the ballot tabulators. The gubernatorial race and constitutional amendment ballot measure will also be audited.

“Post-election audits add another layer of integrity to the election process,” Secretary Pate said. “I want all Iowans to know their vote counts, and it will be counted correctly.”

All election results remain unofficial until canvassing is complete and results are certified. The deadline for the audits is December 5.