The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) announced a temporary suspension of all Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection events and locations after a fire at the current disposal facility in Ohio. The Illinois EPA is working with the current contractor to assess alternatives for disposal. They are suspending the scheduled one-day HHW collections planned for this fall, as well as the long-term HHW disposal facilities in Chicago, Naperville, Lake County, Rockford and Madison County that Illinois EPA supports, until normal disposal operations can resume.

The Illinois EPA has a contract for the disposal of collected HHW, which disposes much of the collected waste at an incinerator located in Ohio. That facility had a fire in July, requiring them to cease operations until specially made parts can be shipped from Germany. An estimated date for reopening the facility is mid-November.

Residents who have household hazardous wastes such as oil-based paints, herbicides, cleaning supplies or household batteries should keep them in their original manufacturer containers, as those are designed to safely hold the items, until HHW collections resume. The Illinois EPA is committed to rescheduling the one-day HHW collection events in Tinley Park, East Moline, Bloomington, Quincy and Springfield once alternative disposal arrangements are available. The Illinois EPA continues to look for other options for HHW disposal. If other disposal arrangements can be made and when the Ohio facility is operational, these events may be rescheduled for this fall or early winter. Otherwise, the Illinois EPA plans to add them to the spring schedule.

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