Illinois Quad Cities bars and restaurants struggling one month after resurgence mitigations

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Struggling bars and restaurants in Illinois are finding ways to survive in the pandemic.

That’s the case a month after Governor J.B. Pritzker imposed Tier 3 mitigations in early November for our region, which shut down indoor business for restaurant dining rooms and bars.

Lauri Mcnamee, the owner of VIP’s Bar and Grill in downtown Moline said they are on the brink of closing.

“It’s very hard. We have hardly any business at all at this point,” she said. 

The business started a delivery service alongside carry-out, but Mcnamee is not sure it will carry them through the winter months. 

“If [business] does not pick up, we are planning to make some future arrangements of closing all together,” she said. 

The longtime business owner said she has never had a year like this one. 

“We’ve gone through some battles before, but we always come out on top. This one we are just praying that we can make it through. Us and everybody,” she said. 

The Daiquiri Factory in downtown Rock Island cut its staff from 15 to 2 employees. Owner Kyle Peters said they are finding new ways to keep their doors open with daiquiris to go that can be ordered online starting next week. 

“[It] is definitely going to be huge for us in moving forward and staying relevant during this crippling time,” he said. 

He knows his business is just one of many that are currently struggling. 

“It’s not just us, it’s everybody. No one is really crushing it so, it’s kind of just like, join the club. We’re all here. We’re all kind of in this together really,” Peters said.   

He said they will feature 6 flavors of daiquiris each week, and they are using the down time to create more flavors. 

Governor J.B. Pritzker said the mitigations will be in place for at least a few more weeks.

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