Illinois businesses benefit from opening against state orders

Local News

Some businesses in Illinois are reopening in spite of governor JB Pritzker’s re-opening plan and are benefiting.

The governor’s emergency orders that threatened to fine and even imprison business owners who disobeyed was rescinded yesterday.

Scott Packee opened the showroom at Reiman’s Harley Davidson in Kewanee because his sales were poor. He previously was following the state’s order’s and brought people in by appointment only, but said the capacity limitations made it extremely difficult to make sales.

“Say you call, and you say hey, can I come in and look at this Screaming Eagle road glider? Sure what time are you thinking? 1 o’clock?” Packee said. “I’ve already got an appointment at 1 o’clock. So now I just had to turn you down, to turn you away, because you can only have so many in here working a deal at a time. It made it extremely hard and it was not a good way to provide good customer service. So we just decided you know what, if we don’t do something, we might not have a business. So it was time to open the doors.”

Chris Ninotta opened up his gym in Moline earlier this week. He says that it’s been a success so far.

“People have been signing up,” Ninotta said. “People have been randomly calling me to sign up at the gym.”

Ninotta ignored the cease and desist order he got Monday, and isn’t concerned if more punishments by the state for opening materialize.

“Cause I don’t care,” Ninotta said. “Cause I thought this was America.”

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