Illinois Conservation Police advise caution when deer cross the road

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Imagine driving home from work and a deer jumps in front of your car. The chances of that are a lot higher right now.

This is mating season for deer and the move around a lot which can be very dangerous. Wildlife officials Iowans have a 1 in 55 chance of hitting a deer and a 1 in 144 chance in Illinois. The Illinois Conservation Police reports that Rock Island County is in the top 10 in Illinois for deer related accidents.

Milan resident, Bob Berger is noticing more deer in his yard and he usually gets a wake up call when they arrive.

“I see three or four every night that come through my yard. My dog will let me know at three o’clock in the morning that there are deer outside.”

They aren’t just showing up in yards, they are also in the road.

“There’s going to be even more because all the corn is coming down.”

If there are woods or fields, you have a greater chance of having a run in. Berger is a deer hunter and has hit plenty himself.

“Depending on the size of the deer or the vehicle. I drive a pick up so it’s minimal, but it will take out your grill and your headlights.” Said Berger. “I saw a guy hit one last year and it destroyed the front end of his car and it shoved the bumper up into his tires where the car was undriveable.”

The deer can seem to come out of nowhere according to the Illinois Conservation Police.

“Their movement is really unpredictable. With the rut in effect they can be coming across at any time. You don’t know how many deer can be coming at once.”

Conservation Police Officer Kyle Williams says that if one leaps into your path, don’t swerve.

“That can result in you crossing into the opposite late, resulting in a more serious accident or even swerving off the road and having a serious accident.”

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