Illinois police find new ways to help keep roads safe using semi truck

Local News

Troopers from Illinois Police District 7 spent their morning driving around in a semi truck.

The truck was lent to them from Newman Carriers to give the police a different way to catch distracted drivers.

The trucking company has done this five times with other police stations.

The troopers would observe someone driving distracted and tell another trooper, who would then pull that person over.

Trooper Jason Wilson wants people to know how dangerous distracted driving can be.

“Even with the provable distracted driving crashes that have taken place, the National Safety Council has come out and said that distracted driving has overtaken DUIs in fatalities in our country, so it is very deadly,” he said.

He has a message for people to prevent them from texting and driving.

“Look around their car,” he said. “If they look around their car and they see anybody that they love, or if they look in the mirror and see themselves, are you worth sacrificing just for a simple text message? The answer should be obvious that that’s, no text is worth your life or somebody else’s.”

During the day in the semi truck, there were six texting and driving citations, three hand-held phone citations and five motor carrier inspections. There were three Scott’s Law, meaning they did not move over when a vehicle was on the side of the road. There were two other citations and two written warnings.

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