Illinois restaurants and bars are putting the finishing touches for having people come through the doors.

Customers will be allowed to eat inside again, starting on Friday as phase four begins in Illinois.

As things slowly go back to normal restaurants and bars will get to open their indoor dining at 25 percent capacity and they must follow certain guidelines.

Chris Michaels is the owner of Billy Bob’s in Rock Island and said his bar has been closed since March 15 and has lost thousands of dollars.

“To know now that the Governor said that we can only open at 25 percent capacity because at only 25 percent we’re still going to continue to lose money,” said Michaels.

They’ll be opening their doors on Friday and already have a system in place.

“So we do only have one door where they can come in and out off so we will have one clicker one in one out,” said Michaels.

Josh Loete is the manager at Bent River Brewing Company in Downtown Moline and is glad to finally have costumers inside their facility.

“Having indoor sitting will be excellent if it starts raining people can come inside as along as we are sticking to our 25 percent capcity,” said Loete.

Managers and staff will make sure that guests are following the new guidelines.

“We hate to be the bad guy about telling people they can’t stand up next to a table and chat with them but you know we’re just trying to stick to the state mandated orders that the governor has put in place,” said Loete.

Although Bent River Brewing Company was affected by the pandemic, they’re hopeful that they’ll get back on their feet.

“We’re going to be very close to where we were at before COVID so all of our servers all of the cooks everyone will be making that they were before,” said Loete.