Illinois State Police say they’ve seen more collisions recently involving their patrol cars caused by people not obeying Scott’s Law.

State police say six patrol cars have been hit the last three days by drivers who don’t move over on the highway when they pass the parked cars.

That’s now a total of 10 squad cars hit while stopped on the side of the highway this year.

One Illinois trooper is now in the hospital with serious injuries after an accident near Chicago on Monday.

State police urge drivers to move over and slow down.

“We really want you to do this, and it’s important that you do it because you’re saving lives,” said Illinois State Police Colonel David Byrd. “We have an Illinois state trooper right now who is fighting for his life because someone felt that this law wasn’t important, and it is.”

The name of the trooper is not being released at this time.

Three Illinois state troopers died in 2019 at the hands of drivers who didn’t obey the law.