Illinois State Police warn the public of “spoofing” spam calls

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The Illinois State Police want to warn the public to be aware of a possible “spoofing” phone scam.

Many people throughout the state have reported to the Illinois State Police that they have received calls from individuals with a foreign accent claiming to be members of the Illinois State Police. The callers claim there is a police matter that needs to be resolved which requires their personal information. Also, the number of the caller matches that of the Illinois State Police District telephone number.

The Illinois State Police remind you that they will never ask for your personal information over the phone. If they are following up on an incident, they will have specific information about the incident.

If you receive one of these calls, ask for the callers name and that you’ll call them back. Then call the Illinois State Police District phone number and ask for the Trooper whose name you were given. If there is no Trooper by that name, inform the call taker about the incident.

The Illinois State Police District phone numbers can be found on the Illinois State Police website.

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