The Supreme Court of Illinois has released attorney-regulation case summaries:

Thomas Fieweger, Davenport. Fieweger was licensed in Illinois in 1987 and in Iowa in 1989. The Supreme Court of Iowa suspended him for 30 days for failing to communicate with a client, collecting an unauthorized fee in a Social Security disability benefits matter, neglecting a client’s case, and mishandling client funds, the summary says. The Supreme Court of Illinois imposed reciprocal discipline and suspended him for 30 days. The suspension is effective on Oct. 14.

Mark Kelly, Alpha, Ill.
Kelly, who was licensed in 1987, was suspended for three months. Over the course of 10 weeks, he knowingly misappropriated $2,230 in funds he had agreed to hold in escrow pursuant to his work as an attorney agent for a title company. No client lost money because of Kelly’s misconduct, the summary says. The suspension is effective on Oct. 14.

John George Steckel, Rock Island. Steckel, who was licensed in 2000, was disbarred on consent. His misconduct arose from his guilty pleas in two Rock Island County cases to charges of possession of a controlled substance and delivery of methamphetamine, the summary says. The disbarment on consent was retroactive to Steckel’s interim suspension from the practice of law on Jan. 29, 2019.