Illinoisans paying more for gas and cigarettes starting today

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ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS — July 1st marks the day for new laws and tax increases across the state of Illinois. The $45 Billion plan is called “Rebuild Illinois” and is focused on fixing roads and infrastructure across the state.

In addition to the increase gas tax, smokers are paying more for cigarettes. The tax increased by one dollar per box. Also, now the legal age to purchase tobacco products went from 18 years old to 21.

The revenue on these products will be used for construction products at public school such as colleges and university.

One man from Geneseo say law makers in Illinois are hurting their own citizens.

“There was no reason for the gas tax increase,” Michael Weast said.” If they just spend the money wisely that they already taken in. It’s crazy. I’m sorry but the democrats are going to ruin this state.”

Illinois gas prices averages are higher than any of the neighboring states: Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana.

People living on or by the state line crossing over to flee higher taxes, the question remains if the state will be able to cash in to make necessary improvements.

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